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I had the pleasure of taking over the Zero UV instagram account while I was back in London recently and we hit a few familiar and not so familiar sites. Of course buckingham palace, big ben and oxford circus are hotspots. Although a lot of time was spent in the funky Shoreditch in East London where we explored the markets, spotted a Banksy and ate delicious bagels on brick lane. I also finally visited  Abbey Road and took the typical crossing photo ...  had to be done! For more photos check out the Zero UV feed here and to shop the styles head to their website here. Safe travels to to all! 




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Our last day in Berlin was Sunday which was the grand finale of the Carnival of Cultures! The huge parade started at noon and went till 9pm. The parade showcased the diversity of the cultures in the city of Berlin. We saw rollerbladers from Berlin, dancers from the amazon, drummers from Brazil and huge dancing acts from china! The atmosphere was electric on the streets and people from all walks of life were in attendance, celebrating life and Berlin. 

 Since it was a brilliant and sunny afternoon we made our way to Mauerpark for Berlin’s famous public Karaoke in the park! It typically runs from 3-6pm but everyone was having such an amazing time that it didn’t finish till almost 8pm! It was bliss, sitting in the sun and singing and cheering on the brave volunteers! It’s definitely a ‘must-do’ when in Berlin. 



Bikes in BERLIN

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Day 3 in Berlin was a Saturday so we woke up and made our way to Maybachufer for the Arts & Craft Markets set along the canal. There was everything from fabric, to sunglasses, to home made turbans to sweets. Since it was the Carnival of Cultures weekend the festivities were spaced over 4 days. We spent the afternoon in Kreuzberg at the market listening to music, browsing the stalls and eating foreign dishes! 

In the afternoon we joined a Fat Tire Food Tour, jumping on bikes and cycling through the city from stop to stop eating new food each time! We learnt about the Turkish population in Berlin over hummus & falafel then rode to our next stop for a german ‘tapas’ style dinner with a little taste of everything. Whizzing through the city with fellow travellers was very exciting and a must-do when in Berlin.




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Day 2 in Berlin! We made our way to Berlin’s oldest restaurant, Zur Letzen Instanz, in business since 1621 it has welcomes many famous guests including Napoleon and Goethe. I decided I had to try a Berlin favourite, Eisbein, pork knuckle with yellow mashed peas and bacon. I knew it would be a big meal when I ordered it but the pork knuckle was the size of my head! After such a huge lunch we decided to walk it off by wandering along the East Side Gallery – the gallery of the artwork on the remains of the Berlin Wall. 

We ended the day at Clärchen’s Ballhaus, an old ballroom turned restaurant-slash-disco! We drank wine in the afternoon in the lovely outdoor section with fairylights and vines covering the building, followed by dinner. I ordered something I loved when I was in Germany last; kaesespaetzle! It’s almost like the german version of mac & cheese and made with egg noodles. Amazing! As the sun went down we made our way inside to hit the dance floor with travellers and locals alike. 




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Having never visited Berlin before I did not know what to expect apart from what I had been told by friends which was mostly ‘You will love Berlin!’ ‘Why will I love Berlin?’ I wondered. Of course I love to travel, and am lucky enough to say it is part of my job as a blogger now, but I wanted to know what made people rave on about this city! As soon as we arrived I quickly realized Berlin was quite different from many of the European cities I had visited before. The contrast between traditional and urban culture makes this city unique and even just being here a few days you can tell that it is evolving and growing stronger still. 

 On our first day we made our way over to some of the famous landmarks of the city including the famous arch, the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag Building. Next it was off to the Currywurst Museum to learn all about the city’s most famous food. It was Herta Heuwer who’s credited with coming up with the idea of slivering a sausage, drenching it in tomato sauce and adding a fine sprinkling of curry powder back in 1949 in Berlin. Afterwards it was time for some traditional Currywurst at Curry 36. We had 2 currywurst with fries and mayonnaise! In the afternoon we made out way out to Markthalle Neun for Streetfood Thursday and enjoyed an array of different styles of street food and local brew. Being summer the sun was still out after dinner so we made our way to the Fernsehturm (TV Tower) to take in the 360 views of the city bathed in the glow of the sunset. A beautiful Berlin day!