CRUISE // Lifou + Mare

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There were 4 stops on our cruise over 10 days (the stops were in the middle of the journey with a few days out at sea either side leaving/getting back to Sydney). I have to say that I think the water and beaches in Lifou were the best of all of them! Crazy blue and a lot of sea life around. While in Lifou we also went on a tour of the forest and a grotto where we were able to see a coconut crab (pictured above). For your information, the coconut crab is the largest land-living anthropod in the world and it's basically a massive hermit crab that stops wearing a shell once it reaches adulthood. 

Mare is another island in New Caledonia and it was our last island stop on the trip - we had an absolute blast with a solid beach crew - more of our antics can be see in the video I made (here) on my youtube channel



CRUISE // Mystery Island

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While on the cruise we also visited a tiny island off one of the south islands of Vanuatu called Myster Island. They call it that because it's kind of taboo to actually live on it but it's absolute paradise for the day. We went snorkelling which was stunning - the most amazing fish, rays and all kinds of sea life. See heaps more of that in the video I made from our trip (below). 

As you can probably see from these photos, the sunsets from the ship were unreal. I'm a sucker for sunsets but there's nothing like a sunset as your ship sets off for a whole other paradise. Although it can be a little tricky to get a good photo ... yep, all in the face.



CRUISE // Noumea

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Alright, it's time for a catch up! Late last year Alyse (you guys know my sister Alyse? If not, click here and get to know her - she's my best travel-buddy/assistant/photographer/everything) and I went on a 10 day cruise through the Coral Sea. We were on the voyage thanks to Student Flights who hired us to create some video content for their social media channels and such. I've always loved creating videos while travelling and it's so crazy/amazing/dreamy to have people appreciate them so much that they hire us to do the same for them. I love it! 

Anyway, we were on a 10 day cruise and first stop was Nouméa in New Caledonia! Once we had docked we immediately got on another boat (a little speed boat) and drove over to Duck Island to spend the day soaking up the sunshine and snorkelling. Just the beginning of what was a killer trip! So much more to come!




Looking back over some of our travels in 2015 and travelling to Berlin with Germany Tourism was an amazing start to our adventures through Europe over their summer time. Berlin was one of those cities that is continuous interesting - it's still growing in culture, mixing old and new traditions - which makes it one of those places that I know if I went back again soon I would have a totally new experience all over again. Check out this video we made while we were there! Have you guys been to Berlin before too? What was your favourite thing about the city? x




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All outfits by Grana

We spent a day with Grana and started with an amazing breakfast at The Grounds of Alexandria (which is constantly growing! I swear it gets bigger every time I go). I was in a particularly dreamy mood thanks to think silk dress in purple. Grana had a range of product lines including Pima Cotton, Japanese Denim, Irish Linen, French Poplin, Mongolian Cashmere and (my favourite for the summer) Chinese Silk! Basically when it comes to Grana they've cut out the middle men down to a 4 step process from sourcing to delivery - meaning you get luxury industry designs at the 'fast fashion' industry costs. They make timeless wardrobe essentials from the world's best fabrics. 

Anyway, back to our day! We decided a day trip was in order so after fuelling up with breakfast we set off to Palm Beach. We rode a couple of gorgeous cruisers around the east side beach before tackling a little hike up to the light house for a 360 degree view of the peninsular! A view with two beaches is pretty special. It actually turned out to be a really sunny afternoon so before we headed home we couldn't resist a dip at the west side beach.